Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What is the average duration of a TEFL certificate course?

Obtaining a TEFL certificate from an institute of immense reputation allows an individual to make a prosperous career by teaching the English language to non-native English speakers, who do not know the language, but have a desire to learn it. An individual can either choose to obtain the TEFL certificate course from an onsite institution, or they can also avail the course from an online organization. Generally, most such courses cost anywhere between 150 USD to 400 USD, and the prices depend on the number of hours of classes opted for, which usually range from 40 hours to 120 hours.

Now, an individual can opt for their choice of course depending on the amount of money that they are willing to spend for the purpose, and also the amount of hours that they would be able to dedicate for the classes. However, opting for the 120 hour TESOL online courses would certainly prove to be a better choice as they would help an individual to effectively cover every aspect of the English language and become expert teachers of the language. In case of an onsite course, the 120 hours are divided throughout a 30-day period, where candidates have to attend regular classes with a number of other students in the premises of the institution.
On the contrary, opting for a TESOL online course allows the candidate with certain liberties pertaining to the timings and the mode of attendance for the training program. In this form of classes, a candidate can attend classes using a computer or a Smartphone device with high-speed internet, and can do so from anywhere they wish to. Candidates can also determine the timings of the classes with consultation with the teachers and trainers, and schedule the classes according to their very own schedules. They can also determine the number of hours to train at a time, and the duration of the course would depend on the number of days and hours trained.
In conclusion, it can certainly be said that an online training program can be tremendously beneficial to an individual. It offers a candidate certain benefits that are not to be found in case of an onsite course. However, there are certain disadvantages as well! Candidates miss out on critical hours of practice with an online TEFL certificate course, and hence, it is important for an individual to opt for the training program according to their own preferences.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Modes of availing the TEFL certificate course for English teachers’ training

There are a number of benefits that candidates can avail by obtaining a TEFL certification that is recognized on a worldwide scale. It helps an individual to apply for the large number of English teaching jobs on offer in different countries across the globe. A TEFL certificate course helps an individual to attain the qualification that is necessary for application to these English teaching jobs. Apart from gaining eligibility, the TEFL training programs also train candidates on ways to:
•    Capture the interest and concentration of the many students attending the classes, and keep them engaged by developing intriguing lessons and methods of instruction.
•    Develop methods and activities for active classroom management. Some of these activities include the conduction of debates and group discussions that help students to interchange ideas, and express their thoughts.
•    Develop a strong base in grammar that can be used to create effective lessons for teaching students about the various aspects of the English language.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are a number of other helpful benefits that a candidate can avail from a TEFL certificate course online.
Now, there are mainly two ways in which a candidate can avail these training programs. They can either choose to attend an onsite, in-class training program, which usually lasts for about 4 weeks, and requires the candidates to attend in-classroom training sessions. Here, the training is offered to them through face-to-face instructions and discussions by the trainers and teachers. Candidates have the opportunity to learn first-hand from teachers and trainers, who have plenty of experience in the art of teaching. Candidates can also practice the teaching methods with their fellow trainees in front of the trainers, and get feedbacks from them and improve.
On the other hand, there is a TESOL online course where the candidates can avail the training over the internet, and do not have to attend any regular classes or sit with scores of students. The online method of training involves the use of video recordings of the teachers discussing the course contents, as well as the various methods of instructions. Trainees are also provided with video recordings of teachers in action so that they are able to learn by watching expert professional teachers while they are in the act. Apart from the various video recordings, trainees can also interact with other trainees and trainers, and discuss any issues related to the TESOL online training program.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Phonetics Training for ESL Teacher

Phonics is - The branch of linguistics that deals with the sounds of speech and their production, combination, description, and representation by written symbols.
A Teaching Phonetics Training Course is important for all teachers of foreign languages whether they are teaching young learners or adults.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What does a TEFL certificate course entail?

A TEFL certification that is recognized globally will help an individual in preparing themselves for an English teaching career in any native and non-native English speaking country across the globe. The courses are taught professional teachers who are extremely qualified and have years’ of experience of teaching in the industry. Hence, a TEFL certificate course offers an individual with all the necessary tools of English learning so that they are able to teach the language in the proper manner. Moreover, effective knowledge on the language along with extensive and innovative teaching practices will help both teacher and students to enjoy the teaching sessions.

Enrolling for a TEFL course onsite or online
In order to enroll for a TEFL course, candidates must at least have a high school diploma. This is the base enrollment criteria for most institutes that offer these TEFL courses. However, there are a few institutions that offer advanced TEFL courses only to candidates that have a college degree. Apart from the basic qualification, candidates might also have to appear for an interview in order to be selected for enrollment. If selected, candidates have the liberty to choose between an onsite classroom-styled course and a TESOL online course. For the onsite classes, candidates have to attend regular class hours, whereas in online courses, candidates can avail the courses at their own liberty and from any place they choose.

What are the vital contents of a TEFL course?
The first chapter of the course would be a revision of the basic grammatical concepts of the English language. This revision is done to ensure that all students are well-versed with the basics of the language so that it becomes easier for them to grasp the more advanced sections of the course. The TEFL certificate course also includes several hours of practice where the students are allotted time to practice the various teaching techniques that they learn during class. During these practice sessions, the performance of each student is noted, and feedback for improvement is offered to every student so that they can improve their teaching standards, and become expert teachers.
However, in case of a TESOL online course, the practice sessions can become a little difficult. In online courses, the students are provided with video recordings of professional teachers in the act, and they are supposed to note the techniques and practice them on a regular in order to master the art of teaching.