Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Most Demanding Place for Teaching English Abroad

Do you interested in teaching job abroad ? Want to know where is most demanding place in the world for ESL teaching? Mostly China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia (mid east), Japan and Russia are highly demanding place for English teaching around the world. Every year they are looking for huge number of English Teacher.
Moreover these counties Taiwan. Brazil, Italy, Vietnam is also demanding place for English teaching.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Benefits of an online teacher training program for teachers and trainers

It is a common notion or belief that teachers, trainers and educators know everything that is there to know about the subject they teach, and that the training Courses for teachers do not really hold much value for these teachers. On the contrary, it is practically impossible for a teacher to know everything about a particular subject, regardless of how much research and study they do. Therefore, there is certainly a great need for these training courses for teachers as it helps them to update their knowledge base, and ensure that they are able to teach the subject to their students in the appropriate manner.

On the other hand, these courses are not designed to simply offer teachers and trainers with updated information and knowledge on their respective subjects. The purpose of these training courses and programs are much more crucial. These training programs and Courses for teachers aim to equip the teachers and trainers with advanced skills and techniques of instructions that will help them to teach their students and ensure their best education. It is a widely known fact that one of the most prominent issues for teachers is that they unable to maintain decorum in the classes as they lack some serious classroom management skills.
However, with the training programs meant for teachers and trainers having a prolonged duration of a number of hours, it becomes a little difficult for teachers to attend these courses when they also have to take care of regular classes in their respective institutions. Moreover, teachers also waste a lot of time while traveling to and from the location of the institutions. On the contrary, if teachers and trainers can opt for an online teacher training program, it would not only save them the time that they need for the commutation, but also make the courses convenient for them. With the online training courses and programs, teachers can train according to their personal schedules and timings, and from any place they wish to.
This means that teachers can avail the training programs during recesses and off periods between classes, and also while traveling to and from their institutes. This will also leave them with loads of leisure and free time to spend with family and pursue activities that interest them. Thus, it can safely be said that an online teacher training program can be of tremendous help to a teacher and trainer, and help them equip themselves with the necessary skills of teaching.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Choosing the mode of TEFL certificate course is critically important

Most people are of the idea that a good knowledge and adequate fluency on the English language is adequate for becoming a good English teacher. However, this belief or notion is far from the truth. The truth is that teaching the English language to a group of people, who have minimal or no understanding of the language is fairly difficult. There is bound to be a communication gap between the instructor and the trainees due to the language of conversation between the two. This could further complicate matters and make it all the more difficult for English teachers.
However, with the help of a TEFL certificate course from an institute or university of substantial reputation and credibility can help an individual to overcome these challenges with sufficient ease. The primary objective of these courses is to ensure that English teachers are able to communicate their ideas and thoughts over to the trainees with sufficient ease. This is done through the use of certain innovative and effective instructional methods and techniques that are taught to the English teachers during the course. These techniques taught in the TEFL certificate course help teachers to communicate with their students during the English teaching lessons, even though there may not be much in common between the two groups.
Now, candidates can choose between three different modes of training that are on offer. The first is where they have to travel to a centralized training facility and train with a number of other candidates. This is basically known as onsite training. Secondly, candidates can train through distance education programs, where they are sent the study materials after application. Students have to study and train on their own and, on a particular date, appear for assessment for the certificates. The third approach is the TESOL online courses where candidates can obtain the training programs over the internet.
In the online programs, candidates are provided with the training materials and instructions over the internet in the form of audio and video recordings. Candidates can study these recordings and develop their skills and techniques, and can also chat with instructors through online chat and discussions forums, and exchange their ideas and thoughts with others. The assessments for the TESOL online candidates are often held online as well, thus saving the candidates the trouble of having to travel to distant locations for the purpose. Thus, the online approach is certainly a very convenient platform for many.