Friday, 6 February 2015

Become a licensed teacher through TEFL

TEFL is an international course of training for teachers in which the candidates are familiar with the inventive techniques and resourceful learning procedures in the area of teaching. A TEFL certificate is a major qualification required by educational institutions to teach English abroad. For a teacher who has completed TEFL training course many doors are opened to varied professional career prospects around the globe. A TEFL teachers’ training lesson from a globally known provider of these courses such as American TESOL Institute makes lifetime opportunities to exist and work overseas with a profession of EFL teacher. There is a large necessity for EFL/ESL teaching jobs abroad with many vacancies to reach dream goals for those with an adventurer's mind and an eagerness for teaching.

Necessity of the course
English which has been regarded as the leading language of international conversation has given rise to an extraordinary demand for language teachers especially for English. As a result if you are smooth in English and have a desire for travelling then what you have to do is go after your mind and pursue a internationally acknowledged TEFL course online from the American TESOL organization which can give you the TEFL training. The course is made in such a way that the experts from any region can enroll and get a certificate and instantly embark on an effective holiday. This course is highly suggested for the varied group of hopeful teachers coming from wide-ranging backgrounds such as fresh graduates, knowledgeable teachers and even the specialized from different sectors seeking a midlife profession alteration and who have for all time dreamt of working in a foreign country can decide on teaching English out of the country. A lot of EFL/ESL teachers of about 50 to 60 years of age have efficiently glided into this latest and stimulating career.

Duration of the course and other details
American TESOL Institute offers 3 weeks or in other words, 120 hours onsite TEFL lessons in India and gives an exclusive opportunity to study, teach and move exploring different countries like India with its stunning landscapes, exciting cultures and delicious foods. In India, ATI presents TEFL courses in two interesting cities- Kolkata in the eastern region and Kochi in the southern part. After the finishing of the TEFL India Course the applicants will be given alternatives of Teach English India or in Thailand. There is one to three months Jobs of teaching in India or the internship in different places in Thailand. The placement prepares the teacher for a flourishing teaching period with some high opportunities for travelling exotic spots around the world. The appropriate ESL candidates are also provided Teaching Jobs in the country of India and also in Thailand according to the eligibility criteria of the employer. During the internship period the candidates are offered free lodging. Both local English speakers and non-English speakers of other countries like Indians can register in this classes and be a TEFL licensed teacher.

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