Friday, 24 April 2015

Things You Can Only Do In China

China is a culturally and geographically diverse country with a wealth of historic treasures to take in. From the cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the provinces of Shandong and Hunan, there's so much to see and do - explore the Forbidden City, walk along the Great Wall, marvel at the Shaolin Monastery or travel along the ancient Silk Road. One will get the opportunity to travel and teach in different regions to experience unique festivals, food and lifestyles. China offers a safe working environment with good working conditions. With low costs of living and most of your expenses covered, you'll find teaching in China to be personally and financially rewarding.

Things to do in China while teaching a TESOL program:
•    Making friends in China because they are very friendly and helpful. They would help to decide what to eat in the restaurant as they know they like and the taste of the foreigners. Every people like the strangers or the students in China greet with smiles and waves.
•    One of the Seven Wonders of the World is Great Wall of China so every visitor can enjoy the view of the immense wall and get the feel of the historic place. While teaching in China the teacher can enjoy the beauty of China.
•    Chinese food is popular all over the world. One can learn to make authentic Chinese preparation if he has the interest in cooking. Trying new restaurant and new Chinese dishes can be very exciting.
•    Everybody will love teaching in China because they are very quick learners.
•    High speed train in China is very famous and it is the easiest and cheapest way to travel.
•    Kid in china loves having a foreign teacher is hugely curious about the home country of the foreigners. . Any opportunity they get, they will be asking you about your family, food or your experiences at school in the West. The kids I teach at York are the loveliest, friendliest and most hilarious group of students I could imagine. It makes teaching them the most rewarding feeling in the world.

TEFL course online are also available in all parts of the world including China. The one who have little knowledge in English language opt for online courses because it is cost effective and it also saves a lot of time in travelling and one can pursue their lesson from their home and at own convenience.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Aims and Objectives of Business English Course

Business English teacher training course is designed for the teachers who wants to widen their skills set in this area of business English. The one who do not have experience in teaching business English will benefit hugely by taking this course. This course also helps the experienced business English teachers by inspiring and providing them creative and new ideas required maintaining the decorum of the classroom. Online courses are also available which mainly focuses on the latest technologies from the world of coaching and use authentic materials.

The content of this course is very practical and it also includes materials and ideas that one can grasp easily and use that in the classroom. Teaching English to school students are totally different from teaching English to business employees because it requires different skills and approaches. Employees have specific requirements relating to the context where they need to use the English language in very classy manner. It is not necessary that teacher should have some knowledge or experience in business but definitely it can be added advantage if the teacher has some experience in the field of business. The most important thing that business English teachers need to know is the techniques to make a person successful to communicate the English language.
Business English course is also included in the online TESOL course which will help to improve the knowledge of communication skills. This course also show the way to the teachers to help the learners how they can be more effective in their English communication. Every teacher need to learn the methods and techniques to meet the need of the student and making to most of the classes. After the completion of the course every teacher will have idea to approach to the employees. And will be well equipped with all the tools needed to teach English to the company employees or the corporate employees. Teachers need understand the needs of the learners and discuss with them which will help in keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the whole program. Along with teaching English teachers also need to teach the learners about motivating, punctuality and professionalism. Teaching business English is very rewarding and interesting but the teachers need to be flexible as they must understand that work is the first priority of the learners. While teaching to the employees teacher need to be very patient. They also need to manage the timing of teaching according th the work schedule of the employees.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

TEFL Certification Opens a Road to Success

TEFL course is one of the most important courses for the ones who want to teach English in different parts of the world. This course also suits the ones who are already in teaching profession and also for them who are amateur in the world of teaching. Online TEFL course gives the range to explore around the globe in every teaching jobs and it also give s the opportunity to learn from home at own convenience. To gear up the skills in teaching this is a very helpful course and is accepted all over the world. By completing this course one can get the jobs in any language institutes to teach English all over the globe and also in corporate houses to teach business English to the employees. The online mode helps to save time and money and one can learn from anywhere. TEFL courses are making life easier for the teachers who want to teach English language in their own countries as well as in abroad. During the course they will be provided with job listing and contacts for various schools and recruiters all over the globe. The most important part is that course is available online and it will also help for getting a new job or promotion and also provides the option to become an improved teacher. TEFL course online is proving to be a boon for the teachers. As it is cost effective and its cost much less than classroom course. It also saves time and with a proper internet connection this course can be completed from anywhere around the world. It is very easy to study from home at own pace.

Globally his English teaching course helps the teachers to gain inputs of the latest developments in the field of teaching. Other than these there are various other benefits of this TEFL certificate courses like that it gives a chance to travel to different parts of the world, it gives the teacher a chance to teach in overseas. Anyone who has flair knowledge in English is eligible for the course it is not necessary to have English as the first language. This TEFL online course teaches about the new evolving methods of teaching. This certification allows the teacher to apply in any schools all over the globe including any regular private schools, International schools and IB schools. Other than teacher it also opens an opportunity in the field of corporate sector. This certified course will be acceptable in corporate field for the post of Business English trainer or voice/accent trainer. This course helps the teacher to learn valuable strategies to aid students with meaningful learning but working abroad comes with many benefits. A TEFL certificate is acceptable in all countries and the greatest benefit is gain the opportunity to travel. It is far better to teach English abroad in terms of money as well as one will also get the opportunity to travel.