Friday, 22 May 2015

How to Teach English to Adult?

Teaching English to adult is very interesting and rewarding. Business English are popular in corporate sector so a business English teachers need to teach the company employees. Teaching corporate employees requires variety of techniques and skills which a candidate can master by completing online teacher training courses. This course is all about helping the employees to develop their English skills in business context.

Easy steps in guiding the adults to learn business English:
•    The important thing is that the teachers must understand they are teaching busy adults and they are used to work towards objectives. It is better to discuss with the learners at the very beginning of the course that what they really want to achieve in this training program. Teacher should understand the needs of the learners and discuss with them and it will help in keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the whole program. The training program should be divided into activities like writing more mails, talking more effectively over the telephone, driving mock meetings etc.
•    The learners need to understand the importance of this training program and what benefit they will achieve by completing this course. The teacher must explain the curriculum of the course. There are different needs in the company employees for learning English like one is learning English to improve their fluency skills and other one is learning English so that it is easier for him to supervise a team working in a different country. Business are conducted on a global level so the learners might have to talk with people with non native speakers of English so it is better to have a neutral accent which can be easily understandable for both the native and no native speakers of English language.
•    Along with teaching English teachers also need to teach the learners about motivating, punctuality and professionalism. The managers also need to learn how to motivate their subordinates when there is a high work pressure. In business English teaching program speaking practice is very necessary so there must be plenty of opportunities where everyone can work together and can share their views.
•    It enables the teacher to provide quality education to the corporate employees. Teachers need to choose the materials very wisely and it is better to use the real material from the working lives of the learners so it will be easy for them to relate. Materials can be emails, PowerPoint presentation or reports. Teachers need to guide or correct the same presentation with proper business English procedure so that will be able to differential between business English and ordinary English.

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