Wednesday, 1 July 2015

#Infographic:Teach with Online TEFL Certificate around the World

Now a days online courses are an affordable option as compared to classroom-based courses. Numerous countries are in the world who accept online TEFL certificate for TEFL job. Here Present some of them.

  1. China : China is first on this list. online certification is accepted by hiring schools in China. What makes China even more accessible to teachers certification.
  2. Thailand : Like China and the rest of Asia, Thailand will hire teachers who were TEFL certified online. A certificate of at least 120 hours is recommended for Thailand.
  3. Brazil : Most countries in South America like Brazil all you’ll need to qualify is a 120+ hour TEFL certificate and a sense of adventure
  4. Turkey : If you want to teach in Europe, in Turkey, There is full of language schools in need of native English speaking teachers with TEFL certification.
  5. Japan : Japan has long been one of the top TEFL teaching destinations where you can teach with online TEFL certificate.

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