Thursday, 29 October 2015

7 Tips For TEFL Teachers First Time in Classroom

Teaching is an exultant job experience. but you should have some knowledge for TEFL classroom and TEFL student when you go to TEFL job first time in abroad. Before going to classroom you have to prepare yourself very well. Here are some tips on it.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Online Diploma In TEFL Certification Course- Exploring Some Details

While it comes to opt for the career of teaching English as the foreign language abroad, it becomes really beneficial to receive a form of certification to stand apart from others. It can be done the best by join a course, which both trains and orients the aspired teachers on the methods and ideologies behind teaching and learning language. These days, there are numerous courses available, which promise to offer both the in-service and aspired teachers the experience and the required resources needed to obtain a position for teaching abroad. The online diploma in TEFL certification course is one of these.

Flexibility is one of the major factors why people choose to join the online program. While in case of the on-site program, one needs to put aside a certain amount of time and also drop everything starting from the family to work, in case of online program, an interactive self-study method is offered that the participants can follow at their own pace. So, you can either choose to take this course for 10 hours every week or can spend several hours every week and finish the course in 6 months or within a year.
Another great thing about this online course is that there is no set time limit for completing this course. No matter how long this takes to complete the material, your online tutor will always be there to answer your queries and guide you in the procedure to complete the course successfully.
The online TEFL diploma course is geared to obtain the goal of making the participants the most qualified and most effective English language teacher in any part of the globe. To achieve this goal, a combination of experienced and technically savvy online tutors and an interactive technology is offered in this course.
The online course also offers all the basic practical and theoretical knowledge that you need to become a pro English instructor abroad. The course module of online teaching is designed keeping in mind all the busy people, who are unable to travel away from home to take part in the on-site course. There is actually no best method to learn how to be a good TEFL teacher and this entirely depends on the professional goals as well as the individual requirements of the aspired professionals.
As the general rule, this online course includes more theory than the on-site course as this course is mainly offered through Internet as distance learning with no actual teaching method in the classroom environment. Besides, this course is also designed in such a manner so that it doesn’t look like a simple “repackaged” course, which was designed to be taught in person. Instead, this course uses the medium to the utmost potential in order to reproduce the results as close as possible to the on-site courses. As a result, this course can offer great results. All the participants need to do is to weigh the time/cost and other important factors to decide the right option as per their personal situation.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Best Points Of Teaching Abroad As A TEFL Teacher

If you have a hidden dream to start your career in abroad so that you can travel to your favorite destinations across the globe, then one of the best options is to join as a qualified TEFL teacher. People mainly join TEFL certification course for a number of reasons and there are various advantages in getting this qualification, which will last for your entire life. Here are the best points of getting qualified as a TEFL teacher.

 •    Travel while getting paid:The majority of the travel addicts often battle with the game of to and fro. They mostly love to travel to different exotic destinations, soak up all the adventure, spend loads of money and then return back home and to the work life. But with TEFL, it is actually possible to have the best things of both of the worlds. It is because, TEFL works as a great way to work and travel at the same time.
•    Good for the CV: By having a TEFL certification, you can easily prove your confidence, your ability to adapt to various scenarios and environments and also your teamwork skills. Besides, having the TEFL certification along with the experience in teaching in any foreign country can easily put you a step ahead of the competition in terms of applying for a job.
•    Immerse in a different culture: Teaching English works as an amazing way to experience a completely different culture. As a traveler, sometimes, you can think that you are just passing through, visiting sights, visiting the bars and meeting with other tourists. But in case you actually want to learn about a country, its locals, the teaching TEFL can be a great method of interaction.
•    High wages and low cost of living: Though the wages sometimes depend on the place where you want to start your career as a TEFL teacher, but mostly the TEFL teachers afford a really comfortable lifestyle. So, being a qualified TEFL teacher abroad, you will be able to eat out every night and will be able to travel extensively at the holidays and weekends.
•    Lots of free time: The majority of the qualified TEFL teachers just work four hours daily on an average. This leaves loads of time to learn about different cultures of any country, developing hobbies, creative skills and traveling as well. Besides, a number of people also use the TEFL course as the supplementary income while they explore other passions of their life like art, sport, travel writing and different types of great entrepreneurial venture.
•    An additional income for the whole life: You will be amazed to learn that you can easily use the TEFL certification even in your home country. In a few countries, the graduates use their TEFL certificates to teach the foreign nationals as the supplementary income. Others mainly rely on the TEFL certificate as a vital skill to fall back on, specifically with the ongoing threat of unemployment and redundancy in different parts of the globe.