Wednesday, 16 December 2015

ESL Student Guide – Teach English Grammar Effectively

Teaching grammar especially for adults or ESL teachers is one of the most difficult aspects of a language to teach. It is different method from native English speaker.
Before teaching grammar for ESL teacher need to be cleared these questions

  • Objectives of the class
  • Learner’s learning background
  • Availability of learner’s resource
  • Learning Style
After knowing those answers it would be clean how will you going to provide class as per their need, goal.

Inductive and Deductive Teaching
Depending on the background of your ESL student, teaching inductively could prove far more effective than teaching deductively.
Inductive learning is also known as the bottom-up method. Students, especially those without recent educational backgrounds. This method is an effective for adult to learn quickly.
Deductive is known as a 'top down' approach. This is the standard teaching approach that has a teacher explaining rules to the students.
Grammar Lesson Outline
Begin with an exercise, game, listening, etc. that introduces the grammar concept
Introduce your target grammar rule/tense and explain when to use the grammar point and why.
Provide Example:
Examples must be accurate and appropriate
Check responses, ask students to explain the grammar concept that has been introduced.
Stick with the grammar point you're teaching, rather than mixing it with other structures.
Use visual aids such as graphs, clocks, time-charts, etc.
Use real examples that relate to students' lives
Use games, competitions and role-plays.
Check and re-check that your students have got it.
Get students talking to each other, using the structure as a way of extending into conversation.
Practice questions and negative forms of the structure too.
Make use of homework as practice.
Don’t use long or irrelevant example
Don’t use complicated vocabulary
Don’t explain half rules. Explain everything in detail.
Don’t push too hard.

Different Methods of Teaching Grammar

  • Grammar Translation – the classical method
  • Direct Method – discovering the importance of speaking
  • Audio-lingualism – the first modern methodology
  • Humanistic Approaches – a range of holistic methods applied to language learning
  • Communicative Language Teaching – the modern standard method
  • Principled Eclecticism – fitting the method to the learner, not the learner to the method

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Features Of The Course For Teachers That You Must Be Aware Of

If you feel interested in utilizing the most updated teaching technologies and strategies in the classroom or in case you are an in-service teacher looking for professional development or in case you want to start your career as a teacher, then you must need some kind of professional training to give your career a boost. The teacher training courses are one such training. According to the professionals, the teachers, who aspire to teach students must be trained comprehensively in different aspects and developments of education. Therefore, this course works as a great effort to give the in service and aspired teachers a comprehensive training schedule that can help them later in their teaching career. By joining this course, the participants can discover various ways to engage the students in global learning.

Moderated by the expert and qualified teacher trainers and attended by internationally recognized group of teachers, these courses are very much practical and these can offer the participants the ideas and activities, which can take the teachers straight into the classroom. This type of teacher education program is also aimed to develop the aspired teachers to start a meaningful professional career in different educational institutes across the globe. This course actually offers inquiry based and experimental training session to the participants, which is designed by using the international and well researched best practices, which will help the participants to set out on the journey to become reflective and empowered teaching professionals.
Often the teachers are really busy to attend any program at any fixed date and time, to help them a number of institutes have come up with online teacher training course for both in service and aspired teachers.
Now let’s have a look at the features of this type of teacher training program:
•    This course comes with a national level curriculum along with a global perspective offered in a modular format, which is focused on portfolio development and guided independent study.
•    This training program covers a complete range of issues like teaching with methodology and technology and limited resources.
•    This course also develop the expertise in the teachers to teach two subjects together
•    This course also offer intensive language support to the participants to build communication skills and confidence in them apart from offering them practical teaching techniques
•    In case you choose online teacher training program, then you will be offered the opportunities to tailor content to your learning requirements while collaborating with others
•    Each of these teacher training courses engages the participants in differentiated professional development along with a great blend of learning media.
•    During the in classroom version of this course, the participants are offered a school internship at the private schools with coaching from the specialist mentors. Besides, in this case, the participants can also enjoy field trip to different educational centers.
•    In this training program, course assessment is mainly done by using a complete range of innovative methods of assessment like as reflection journals, group assignments, portfolio presentation etc.
•    After successful completion of this course, the deserving participants are offered job placement.