Wednesday, 27 January 2016

English Teaching Job in China

Teach english in china from TEFLIndia

As other developing non-English speaking countries China is hungry to learn English Language. So it is perfect time to apply for teaching job in China.

After taking TEFL Training Program all can teach English in China.

Benefits of teaching English in China?


Monthly Salary 4000-6000RMB

•Free housing at most schools 

Most of the schools are responsible for housing for foreign teacher

•Health insurance coverage

Health insurance coverage You will get it only if you are employed by a public institution or a huge private school or center and usually it is supposed to cover basic medical and dental needs.

•Housing allowance

•Work Visa

Work Visa (working visa to legally teach English in China)


Some schools will pay a bonus to attract more foreigners.

•Transportation costs

Many employers will cover the costs of transportation to China by reimbursing teachers after several months on the job in China and from China back to their home country at the end of the contract.

•Sick leave
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