Thursday, 17 March 2016

Teaching English in europe

Teaching english in europe from TEFLIndia

1.Teaching English in Europe
2. Are you want to take up a job teaching English in Europe? But not sure which country is right for you? 3. 3. Most popular European Countries to teach English a. Czech Republic b. Poland c. France d. Italy e. Germany f. Spain 8. Greece
4. France: The French education system demands high standards but can provide huge progressive opportunities for successful teachers. Teaching in France is an adventure for determined, high-intelligence teachers unafraid to meet rigorous quality standards in schools.
5. Italy: Italy remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. English speaking teachers are in high demand in Italy so it’s good to make living and teaching here.
6. Germany : A progressive empire with much to offer teachers and travelers from across the world, Germany combines fussy cities and boasts a world-class education system.
7. Poland : Poland has been an increased strength on developing the education system. English is becoming common in schools across the country as the need to improve communication skills becomes more apparent. 8. Spain : In Spanish schools English lessons are mandatory. Good English is seen as such a key skill that many children take extra English lessons at privately-run Academia de Ingl├ęs.


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