Friday, 20 May 2016

Myths about Teaching English Abroad

When you think you are all ready to take up a TEFL teaching job you just need to slow down and think for a while. There is a barrage of myths related to this career option which can make you confused and direct you towards the wrong way. Plenty of people have a wrong idea of what it is like to teach in a foreign country, and unless you have done it before some of that information might not quite line up with what teaching English abroad is actually like. You need to double check these common false impressions and make sure you are not falling victim to any bogus impression.

1.    You do not need a TEFL Certification
Though for few schools a TEFL certificate is not mandatory but if you want a fulfilled career in TEFL you must pursue a proper TEFL course and get an internationally accredited certificate. This will not only help you apply for a better job but you will get a higher salary than the other aspirants. A TEFL certificate is like a ticket to the TEFL world. A TEFL course helps the aspirant to know how to teach the non natives and it gives an overview of the EFL class scenario. Having guidance in English teaching can absolutely come in handy, in particular if you are a new teacher

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2.    There aren't any opportunity in English-speaking countries
Not at all, there are several job positions for TEFL teachers in English speaking countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, the U.S. and even the wild Tundra of Canada. In fact, it does not even need to be a country which speaks a different language. You can teach the study abroad students, new comers to those countries, and travellers who want to learn a language in a foreign country are all potential ESL students in English countries.
3.    You have to volunteer
You can surely volunteer if you want but TEFL is not only a volunteer service, it is in fact a full-fledged carer option for all those people who want to roam around the world. It can be a fruitful career path for the nomadic hearts. You can teach, learn and earn at the same time. There are several international and bilingual schools which are always on the chase for more native English TEFL teachers. They are even willing to pay very well to attract the teachers to make the move.
4.    You have to teach kids only
TEFL program allows you to choose your preference for the type of placement you would like, and you can teach both kids and adults. You will always get exactly what you want and there are opportunities out there, whether you are teaching TEFL to the kids or you are a corporate TEFL trainer looking for a global teaching career.

TEFL can go a long way towards facilitating TEFL classroom teaching where you can focus on keeping students engaged.

Friday, 13 May 2016

The Inside Story of TEFL

If you are looking to begin a brand new career of teaching English abroad or you simply want to get out of your comfort zone and travel around the world, TEFL is an exhilarating and inspiring career path way to take. Armed with an International TEFL or TESOL certification, you will be capable to teach English outside the country while earning a good salary and if you have previous teaching experience you will have a benefit over other applicants. To add on, if you are TEFL certified then overseas school recruiters will consider that you are not just another tourist but you are a trailblazer looking for a path to a fresh career. 

TEFL course will guide you to exercise your proficiency and boost your potential and help you add a feather to your skill set. There are thousands of teaching arrangements out there in the most exciting countries in the world waiting for candidates with expert teaching knowledge and skills. A TEFL course is a name which will offer you the skilled influence to get to your feet out in a TEFL field. The job of teaching English abroad is a farfetched way to live abroad and get paid to travel the world at the same time. After carrying out a TEFL training program, you can quickly begin working in major cities as well as the remote corners throughout the world.
Teaching and travelling across the world can be as thrilling as it can be but one thing is for sure that it will be a journey you will never forget. You will meet new people, learn about new cultures and for sure will get the culture shock as well. The demand for English teachers around the globe at the moment is very high, as English continues to be the number one language of communication, from study and work to amusement and travel. For the expected prospect you will never be short of a job if you choose English teaching as a career.
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A TEFL journey unlocks doors to new paths and it can as well help us to look at the world from a view point that there is all the time a similarity in diversity and you will get all at once whilst doing something truly astonishing. If you want to experience real life experience and have stories for future then it is the best time to see the world from the eye of TEFL. While you are out there teaching at different places you may encounter a range of students with varied levels in a classroom. Do not let the jargon put you off. You will come into contact with loads of unusual and wonderful events all the way through your TEFL career. TEFL training centres guide the teachers on how to create a proper learning atmosphere for interactive learning. The certification course is extremely well liked by ESL aspirants. This is the best package to help you to become a successful ESL teacher by giving you theoretical training as well as a chance to put your knowledge into practice. A TEFL course provides the aspirant with all the necessary skills which an ESL or teacher of English as a second language needs to have. A TEFL course not only acts as a CV highlighter but can also boost up the confidence level one needs to teach a foreign language.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Take an Advanced Step in Your Life with TEFL

With the ever growing job markets in Asia, Middle East and even in Europe, TEFL has been rapidly growing and offering a great career opportunity for many people. Obtaining a TESOL or TEFL certification provides a recognized qualification for thousands of English teaching job seekers around the globe. With the right TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, you could be working internationally in no time  and all you need is advanced English language skills and a TEFL qualification, and an overseas job is there waiting for you. Teaching English is one of the best ways to travel around these beautiful and exotic countries. Not only you will be able to earn while you travel, at the same time, you will be able to make a positive influence in people's lives as well.

With the increasing idea of globalization, most of the trades have found far reaching platform beyond country map. English skill is becoming progressively vital for employment and this feeds call for foreign English teachers. TESOL training is all about providing people with the skills and certification they need to secure continuing English language teaching jobs. Pursuing a professional TEFL certification course will appear as helpful to shape career as an English teacher. The course will feature a complete idea about English teaching approaches and methodologies for the non- native English speakers. It requires a specialized skill to teach English effectively. It is also important to know and understand the English teaching methodologies.
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Teaching English abroad is an economically steady way to sightsee the world. By fetching an English teaching job abroad, you get to spend a lengthy period of time in a place and pick up what it feels like to live in an unknown country as a local, rather than just visiting as a tourist. It is also a great chance to become fully wrapped up in the culture as you will have to stay with the residents every day. TEFL course is the stepping stone for the would-be EFL/ESL teachers. At the end of this course you will be awarded a global certificate which will support you to get an English teaching job abroad. TEFL course prepares the applicant with all the essential skills which a teacher of English as a second language needs to have. The internationally renowned certificate helps to find the easy road way to your most wanted destination. It is not only for the practiced English teacher but also for those untried novice who are willing to start their carrier. TEFL courses are tailored to the needs of learning. TEFL has the whole thing one can ever imagine—from beautiful places, delicious delicacies, and fun parties to friendly people to a good remuneration. The TEFL certification will get the aspirant a definite teaching position. If there is the dream of travelling the globe, working in exotic locations one must go for a TEFL course.
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To conclude doing a TEFL course gives you the best groundwork for being an actual teacher. Almost every developing country in the world is keen on learning English right now. The most popular teaching destinations in the world like South East Asian countries are in a high demand of TEFL teachers. Teach and travel is all about learning one's true self in the faraway lands and getting acquainted with unique cultures across the border.