Thursday, 23 June 2016

Get TEFL Qualified and Find ESL Jobs

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is an international program of training for teachers where the teachers are acquainted with the latest advancements in the field of teaching. A TEFL certificate is a major qualification required by learning institutions to teach abroad as a teacher in non-native speaking countries. Of late Thailand has become the most popular tourist destination in the South East Asia and the influx of visitors is on the rise. Thailand’s economic freedom and steady development has brought forth the importance of English language and the demand for TEFL qualified teachers remains consistently strong. 

A teacher or an aspiring teacher willing to live and teach in Thailand needs to be TEFL qualified. Completing TEFL course that gives a certificate at the end can be defined as TEFL certification. TEFL certification from an internationally recognized provider of TEFL certification courses creates lifelong opportunities to live and work overseas as an ESL teacher. Certain criteria have to be met if one is planning to pursue internationally recognized TEFL courses like there has to be a minimum 100 hours of tuition with at least 6 hours of teaching practice and a curriculum covering teaching skills, classroom management, phonology and grammar. Teaching English in Thailand could be a great way to travel and experience the unique Thai culture, explore their beautiful beaches and bustling markets hone valuable skills and enjoy the rewards of helping the warm Thai people achieve their goals and improve their skills as an ESL teacher. 

The peak hiring season for ESL jobs in most schools starts from February through March in preparation for the first semester which starts in May and in early August for the second semester which begins in October. This is applicable for Universities as well. Presence of both public and private schools are conspicuous in Thailand and both having their strengths and weaknesses, ESL teachers need to determine which environment would suit them best. Private language schools like ECC (Thailand), which is one of the largest private language and computer schools in Thailand with more than 50 branches throughout the country and Inlingua which has seven centers in Bangkok have several branches are also a great place for new ESL teachers to start their teaching with.
The ESL teachers eager to teach in Thai universities will need a B A degree (in some cases a Masters is preferred), TESOL certification and teaching experience are required. Apart from all these options, an ESL teacher can also opt for private tutoring if looking for some extra income. But there is a flip side to it as some contracts prohibit such practice. It is important to see whether it is permissible or not. If it is allowed then an ESL teacher can earn 200-700 Baht per hour and sometimes more. Teachers looking for ESL jobs in Thailand can consult which is the most popular TEFL site in Thailand possibly even South East Asia.

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