Thursday, 9 June 2016

Start A New Life with TEFL

The chief language of international communication, English, is undergoing surging popularity all over the world with active globalization. This further encourages the growing demand of online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and onsite and online TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language) courses. These courses can help you get placed in some of the best organizations worldwide, which will leave you with a great job, lucrative salary and endless destinations to explore.
TEFL teachers are in demand in many parts of the world including the money hubs like South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. Nevertheless, English teachers from non-native locations see better prospects in the Asian locations.
With its booming economic growth and a population of 1.3 million, China upholds the maximal requirement of TEFL teachers. Even if estimated conservatively, in China 300 million citizens opt for English coaching every other day. Apart from offering the amalgamated mix of ancient civilization and modern lifestyle, China provides its teachers with reimbursed airfare, superb pay packages and furnished housing.
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Japan boasts of innumerable public, private and independent schools as well as corporate training institutions. These institutions recruit huge number of English teachers every year and Japan is one of the top-listed countries showing a great intake of TEFL teachers. With an interesting combination of Shinto shrines, sake breweries, high tech cities and sumo wrestling, Japan is a seat for natural, cultural as well as historical treasure.
Korea is one of the best examples of a developed country, which was a third world country even some time back. The city offers you with a stark contrast of orient and occident, cities of Seoul and Busan offer you with the best night life and culinary options. Besides, a TEFL teacher in Korea expects to have reimbursed air tickets, free accommodation in furnished housing, two to four weeks of paid vacation and a lot more.
English has attained great stature in the recent past in some of the principal countries of UAE, which include UAE, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc. There is great demand of TEFL teachers in Dubai; the demand is such, which can almost equal the demand of half the world. The jobs are not very difficult to find; one can come across a job in any local newspaper or expat website. The cities of Middle East host many business schools, adult classes or corporate training institutions, which hire TEFL teachers greatly.  If you are well versed in both English and Arabic, you can also grab a translator’s job in Dubai.
Russia with its natural and cultural treasures boasts of strong international connections, which in turn, entails a massive field for TEFL jobs. A good salary is anyway there, and apart from that the TEFL teachers in Russia also enjoy travel allowance, health insurance and accommodation facilities.
There are many other places where TEFL teachers are constantly being recruited; such places include Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey etc.
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Besides, a teacher trained in TEFL training can also get hired in corporate sectors as these sectors work extensively on international levels functioning in multiple countries. Today’s professionals need to execute business conferences across the boundaries for which they need to be completely well-versed in English and hence Business English has become optimally essential in today’s world.

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