Friday, 22 July 2016

Things to Consider Before Choosing a TEFL Course

Whenever you think of taking a TEFL course and Google with the most searched key words like “TEFL course”, TEFL jobs” you end up with a load of options and suggestion fit enough to confuse you. If you are serious about pursuing ESL as a career, you should strongly go through your search well before you consider for a TEFL program. A excellent TEFL course will not only make you a better TEFL teacher, but will also add to your potential for earning a high salary and unlock doors to work at better schools with more unfailing areas. Now you need to get over the much harder question, of all the TEFL course options out there, which one should you, take and how to choose the best TEFL course for you. It is a common misconception about teaching English abroad, but just because you know how to speak English, doesn't necessarily mean you know how to teach it -- nor that are you necessarily qualified.

There are a lot of good online and on site TEFL courses out there, and both offer to train you on the basic technique and theories of teaching English as a foreign language. On the other hand, the major dissimilarity is that online courses are more flexible which you can opt from any part of the world at any point of time, whereas the in class courses are more practical, involved, and concentrated. On the whole though, whether you pick an online or in class TEFL certification courses you need to utilize it to your personal goals. Online courses are likely to be more reasonably priced and flexible, but the in class courses can help you build an in depth knowledge and connections, network for jobs, and make you stay focused. The in class course come with a teaching practice session in local school which helps you to get a real life teaching experience before entering in the real class. Also not everyone is self sufficient enough to learn a lot new via online and needs physically present instructor.

The in class courses are done in a classroom location and is mainly led by a qualified ESL instructor. The course length varies according to the course type and it is available from weekend programs to 4 weeks of around the clock training, or training stretched out over several months. But some students just learn better from in-person instruction. As a rule, practical class is a main advantage of the courses. Though it is not all the time that all in class courses have this teaching practice session, so look for it carefully. On the other hand online courses as the name implies, can be completed online and at your own personal time and pace. The course first and foremost covers the theory of teaching and doesn’t all the time offer any hands on class room knowledge. Online courses are ideal for the professional teachers, job holders who do not have much time to join a class and also the people who have some other commitments but they only want to achieve a basic understanding of teaching English as a foreign language in the convenience of their own time and place. You only need an internet connection to opt for such courses. Whichever course you choose you should be completely aware about the recognition and the job prospects after doing the course from that particular institution.

Friday, 1 July 2016

TEFL Indulges the Hidden Explorer in You

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – It is probably the favorite quote of all time by Miriam Beard for every travel lover who possesses the zeal to travel the world while pursuing a career at the same time. We all know that planning for an abroad trip is to be sure an action packed matter. Especially if it is the first time you are planning for some international visit. But those people are truly privileged who get the chance to work abroad and can visit any place their mind desire. There are a few fundamental differences between coming into contact with a new country or region as a traveler, and being there through a profession in a foreign country. 

A TEFL course can give you that career opportunity which many of us have only dreamt of. It is the ultimate opportunity to travel and explore the various parts of the world and at the same time make a good living.

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If you are traveling in a foreign countryas a vacationer your goal will be seeing the fore mostattractions and tasting the popular food locally available but if you desire to stay there as a local people and want to become a part of their local habits a TEFL job will be your companion. You will learn a lot more about the country and culture as you will be staying there for a long period of timer. Moreover staying in new country for long time on can have a thoughtful impact on your daily life, sensitive state and of course to be practical, the type of visa in your passport. If you visit a place as an English language teacher of your visiting time will be more expanded, but you will not have the complete liberty to plan all your days go to different places that you cannot do as a tourist. You will be having your job commitment, and a TEFL job will earn you the respect of creating the future. One of the main profits of being a TEFL teacher is that you can escape from all kinds of daily schedules and obligations from your monotonous job.
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But one of the biggest differences is that if you are a traveler you are most possible to be staying in a hotel on the other hand for a TEFL job purpose you will have a housing arrangement in local area. Especially if you are an ESL teacher abroad you will be treated like a family member. You will have more time to know the place and culture where you live. TEFL/TESOL gives you the chance to learn about someone's culture and religion closely as you are living among them. Moreover the culture shock you get from an entirely new culture is tremendously exciting. But before you plan to get English teaching job abroad you must hold TEFL or TESOL certificate because it will act as a passport to your favorite destination. TEFL or TESOL gives the entrant complete package to stay and teach English abroad with good revenue. This is perhaps the best way to enjoy in a foreign country while you are in a full time job.