Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Journey of a TEFL Teacher in Thailand

TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and encompasses Teaching English as a Second Language. As worldwide demand for English increases, so has the demand for teachers of English. English has become ‘the language’ of international communication, which means that people from all parts of the world need English to do business with each other, travel, access internet, appreciate films and music and so on. Hence if teaching, as a profession, interests you and you also love the idea of travelling abroad and experiencing new cultures, then this is the course that you should definitely enroll for; whereby you get to have quite an influence in the lives of the students and also get well paid for it. What can be more rewarding than enjoying the profession that you are in as well as earning from it!

In order to teach abroad, you would require TEFLcertificate from a recognised institution/university. TEFL is a 120 hour course for budding teachers, which focuses on the professional development for all those candidates who are looking forward to a full time teaching career in different non English speaking parts of the world. The course not only teaches the techniques to teach English, but works at transforming the persona of a teacher – builds confidence and polishes the teacher’s presence in classroom. It will prepare you to develop a positive rapport with students of all ages and also include different learning styles with innovative teaching strategies.The course guarantees a job in countries where English is not the primary language and not spoken widely on a day to day basis like China, Russia, Brazil and Thailand among other countries. Here the demand for English teachers is huge; hence you can surely try out for teaching jobs here.

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One of the best places to enrol for the TESL course is in Thailand. The course generally costs around $1000 and you can start earning right after the completion of your course. After completion of the course you can look for a job here in Thailand itself and by doing so, you will probably be making a smart decision for your career. The salary generally starts from $1000 per month. The cost of living here being as minimal as $500, you will be able to lead quite a comfortable life.
As the Thais are so obsessed with learning English, and hence there is a high demand for English teachers in many different types of schools, from corporate training centres to small private schools to public schools, demand is high for teachers; hence it’s fairly easy to find a job with a TEFL certificate. The schools actually prefer if their non-native English teachers don't speak Thai. The goal is for the students to be completely immersed in an English-language classroom, with no choice but to speak English with their teacher. Here, your lesson plans will focus on improving conversational English skills. Although most placements are at the secondary level (grades 7 through 12), you may be assigned to teach students of all ages. Also, you should expect to work about 35 to 40 hours per week.

And when you get a break from your teaching schedule, you can explore the thick jungle, crystal-blue river waters, and rollicking city life that make Thailand the most-visited country in Southeast Asia. You can also check out Chiang Mai, the Rose of the Northor the Golden Triangle.

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If you are looking to get out of the boredom of your life and thinking of a job change or starting your career and want to make a difference in people’s lives, then TEFL is definitely the course for you. Get out and take the plunge into a new and exciting journey of your life!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Change Your Life with TEFL

Why the four letter word ‘TEFL’ bring a shiver down our spine? The word veils the thrill of discovery, the ecstasy of knowing the unknown and the pride of a successful career. TEFL course opens the gateway to a career where you behold the best folds of the world and your career gets the excellent boost up. TEFL or teaching English as a foreign language will help you learn a lot and your time in a foreign country will change your life. It will be an exceptionally distinctive and vibrant experience for you if you nurture the zeal to roam around the world as a part of your job. By working as an English teacher in a foreign country, you will get the highlight on your CV of an international work experience which proves you are up to the rigors and responsibilities of the professional world.

Being a TEFL teacher you earn the admiration from students and locals. The multicultural engagement including version and learning about new cultures in the modernized world has made it required to learn English for the non native English speakers.  You can also be much more affectionate and personal with them which create a really fun and engaging work environment if you use it correctly. TEFL course train you how to teach English to students abroad whose native language is not English. Teaching is carried out in the student's own country, in primary and secondary schools, commercial language schools, further education institutions and private companies. And you will also learn to take on the challenges of adapting to a new culture. Having a respected TEFL qualification and relevant experience you can easily get an English teaching job abroad. As a teacher you must be prepared to face a range of challenges — from the shyness of non native students to a typical culture shock. Teaching English abroad will require you to develop organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability manage group settings. However, with perseverance it is possible to overcome the obstacles encountered by new arrivals. These kind of teach and travel allows individuals to gather the best experience through unique and enjoyable journey. An in class TEFL program is followed by a peerless 4 - 5 months ESL job program in some exotic destinations around the world. It comes up with the opportunity to live among the locals and to gather direct experience of their rich culture and lifestyle while teaching the kids. A TEFL certified teacher can join as a language teacher in a school or in a corporate house. The best part of a TEFL course is that no matter what field of employment or study you are, the course develops the skills for being a TEFL teacher and will make you more desirable as an employee. 
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TEFL career carries the smell of a land unheard of and spirit of a flourishing teaching career. Most TEFL teachers work as employees of language institutes with a well paid salary but as a rule the career requires an international TEFL certification and appropriate techniques to teach the non native learners of all ages. Any fresh graduate with or without experience can opt for TEFL course if she has a near native English competence. This is exactly how you will be gained by the TEFL course by living and working as a member of the local community in your favourite place. A TEFL teaching opportunity is not just a job but a lifelong experience to be cherished.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Teaching Practice, an Integral Part of TEFL Training

Teaching practice is like a warm up session before one enters into the real class room. This is a trailer which gives the aspiring teachers the original and expected scenario of a classroom. It grants a novice teacher experience the actual teaching and learning setting. Teaching practice presents the variety of experiences to which student teachers are out in the open when they work in class rooms and schools. This practice allows the beginner teacher a chance to found their experience before entering into teaching profession. A successful teacher is the one who can easily connect with his learners and feel their individual needs. Before starting a teaching career the wannabe teachers have to experience the buzz of being a part of a real class room condition, attempt to know learners, of ground work and organising the class room everyday jobs. A TEFL course should always consist a teaching practice session in local school as the job of teaching the non native kids a language which is completely unknown to them is  not an easy task and requires a long experience. Hence it is important that the new teachers get an over view of the real life teaching scenario so that they snot get the first shock their first career days.

The concisely intended TEFL training course is especially consisted of teaching practice for prospective EFL and ESL teachers who are willing to become proficient in the methodologies to teach children as teaching is evolving with every passing day. Keeping the modern learning setting in mind the courses come with wide-ranging specializations to opt from. It also equips the potential with the vital skills and techniques of teaching. The TEFL courses are carefully crafted and the in class courses come with teaching practice session in local schools. The teaching practice session is not only important for the novice teachers but also for the experiences teachers as they get to apply the latest techniques in the real class room. The teaching Practices focus on those aspects of classroom teaching competence which are visible to one and to others and thus become useful for formative evaluation. These practices represent the broad range of effective actions teachers take, and requisite conditions that teachers establish, to facilitate learning. 
There is nothing as challenging as getting students engaged especially the little ones as they can hardly maintain a long attention.  Open and clear communication and overcoming the language gap is the key to build up a healthy friendly learning atmosphere inside a TEFL class. In the teaching practice session aspirant gets an in depth information of class room management and they also get to know how to take on the learners of all age group. The teaching practice prepares the teachers on how to understand the requirement of the learners. During this teaching practice you are involved in a broad range of teaching approaches such as class room observations and exchange of ideas with in practical settings, lesson planning, teaching in group, and problem solving in class,  practical experiences in school and the use of digital technology in teaching. Students learn in different ways, some students are slow learners and others are quick and as a TEFL teacher you should be able to serve the both. A successful TEFL teacher is one that is able to put up a bond with his /her students, one that can easily connect with the learners and feel their needs and shortcoming as individuals.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

TEFL Adds Another Meaning to Your Thailand Trip

“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” Clifton Fadiman has clearly pointed out the real significance of a TEFL teacher’s job. That is to help the non native people achieve their career goals and fulfil their dreams.
A TEFL training session in Thailand can be an intensely transformative and profound journey into your innermost self.  This kind of TEFL course offers you some useful guiding principle in choosing the right path after a teacher training program for you. It will be praiseworthy journey for you if you think about joining a Thai school as a TEFL teacher after attending any of the TEFL courses. A TEFL training course offers not only a new chance to work with the skills and methods but also it offers a complete and holistic opportunity of self sufficiency that allows for each individual to discover your true self by living in a different country with a different cluster of people. 

Living and working in a foreign country will always come with its specialities as your comfort zones are pushed beyond boundaries and the excitement of a new start with new setting, new people, and new culture is bound to excite every adventurous spirit. Thailand is all about ‘new everything and new beginning’ as it comes with a unique local culture, language and community very different to what is found back home. As TEFL teacher training course that give emphasis to teaching as a path will give you the opportunity to find out and intensify your association with the world unknown. People of Thailand have a great amount of respect for their teachers. They believe a teacher to be their special guest.  All of the TEFL teachers in Thailand have been fortunate enough to embark on the unique cross cultural experience of life as an EFL teacher in Thailand.
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Along with this spice which makes living in Thailand as a TEFL teacher so extraordinary is that you get to fully immerse yourself in the Thai culture, living in quite rural towns and villages, and interacting with your Thai students on a daily basis. Also the high salaries that TEFL teachers in Thailand earn is coupled with the very low cost of living and it results in a considerably trouble free and reasonably priced to travel over weekends and the holidays. The Thai make sure to make you feel like a part of their community. Teaching in Thailand is a totally different ball game as Thai people value English teacher a lot. Even on the worst days, you will feel appreciated and special in this country. The main focus of a TEFL teacher training course is to develop the skills, methods and techniques of teaching English to the non native speakers of the countries like Thailand. It helps the wannabe TEFL teacher to immerse him/ her to embody the essence of teaching and transmit the knowledge of English language through some extremely innovative classes and by simply being in the lap of nature’s best corners. A TEFL course gives you the most exquisite way to get along with a new culture, travel the most desired tourist spot and earn your living. A TEFL course is the ultimate juxtaposition of your professional and personal grail.