Monday, 26 September 2016

What TEFL Is All About ?

“You become a TEFL teacher when your life has gone wrong.” – Alain de Botton, Philosopher. TEFL has all the power to put your life into a perfect pace.
The term TEFL is increasingly gaining huge popularity along with its strong presence on search engine. If you now type the term ‘TEFL’ or ‘EFL’ or even ESL he / she will be inundated by news, web links and articles. Also the twitter and other social network hash tags will result into abundant of trends, discussions, forums and links. To choose TEFL as a career should be a well thought out decision and you must consider your own instinct to choose such a career which includes a touch of bohemianism. Nevertheless a TEFL career is full of adventure and it boosts the nomadic streak while putting a highlight to your resume.

If you are stuck in a monotonous job or you want to start off a career where you can pursue your dream journey to the places unknown and at the same time you want to continue climbing up your career ladder. The course seemingly provides a path for people to escape their current troubles and start afresh.  Coupled with a decent standard of living and you have got all the conditions needed for an expat community of drunks and no hopers. You will be grateful to the TEFL industry for the experiences and opportunities. TEFL teaching is also about making a connection between the non native students and the more hard work you put the more you will gain the satisfaction and financial rewards that naturally followed. Your students on the other hand need all the practice that they can possibly get-especially if you are not teaching in an English-speaking country. After you introduce your topic for the day, have students discuss what they know about it for a minute or two instead of you telling them what it is. You need to pursue an internationally recognized course and it is pretty much the qualification that you need in order to secure a decent teaching job in many parts of the world. A TEFL course will help you enter the TEFL classroom, with the primary idea being that by understanding a student’s back story and aspirations, you can better teach to their needs. It is a good option for the new TEFL teachers, who may not have a great deal of teaching experience, can draw from previous work to better perform in the classroom. This will also give you the essentials to get by a new language from the start, and also give you a bit of confidence to practice the language from the very start.

TEF industry is rising day by day and the fresher as well as the experienced TEFL teachers are getting employed in every part of the world. Living and working abroad with TEFL presents you with a great opportunity to learn a new culture, and will really enhance your time away.  As an industry to choose a career in, the TEFL industry does have a demanding sort of a reputation. You will make some amazing friends, many of whom are spread out over the globe. TEFL is like everything in life – the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. TEFL is all about creating memories and after you are back from your TEFL job they will be cemented in your mind.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Perks of Being TEFL Certified

If you can embark on a new journey full of explorations while your resume gets a career boost then TEFL is the perfect option for you. If you are someone who is in view of teaching English as a foreign language in a foreign country then you have probably heard that you must need a TEFL certification to do it.  In this age of unstable job markets you need to avail of the best possible job opportunities wherever it is that you want to teach English in a foreign country.TEFL is the name to define the industry of English Language Teaching to speakers of other languages.  And with the ever growing demand for learning English among the non natives, the call for this certificate can be felt almost anywhere in the world. The importance of TEFL certificate is without doubtwell known to the TEFL aspirants and professionals.

TEFL training will help the job hunter make sense of the mountain of information and help any forth coming teacher getting started on the right trail towards abroad and national employment. The novice ought to know that with an International TEFL /TESOL certification, you will be not only capable to work in a foreign country as a teacher of English while getting paid but also the TEFL training will improve your knowledge about the TEFL picture and techniques. With increasing competition the employers who are offering a decent salary and good working conditions are expecting their teachers to possess some form of qualification and a TEFL certificate. The aspirant will learn about how to teach EFL and have a base understanding. A proper TEFL course is formed  to ensure not only that an aspirant who invests your time, money and dreams in a TEFL certification course will be provided with the qualification and job search guidance you need to get a great job teaching English overseas.

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Armed with TEFL certificate you can slip into the role of a local as you help students to develop their skills and shape their futures. The exotic destination will become home. In short it will bring a truly extraordinary experience. If you have a decent TEFL certificate, you should be able to do such a job better and more quickly move on to a better position.TEFL industry has considerably changed and influenced people from all walks of life across the globe. But you might also be able to get a job teaching in companies, or in further education colleges.With an internationally acclaimed TEFL certificate people can start off working in private language schools or in language schools. However, most of the decent jobs in some places tend to be reserved for those with TEFL qualifications. The comprehensive program offers fantastic opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification in paradisiacal surroundings, and job abroad. Teaching abroad allows you to completely immerse in a new culture, to explore the world from within. TEFL certification help teachers learn valuable strategies to aid students with meaningful learning and position participants for success teaching English and it opens doors to fulfilling careers abroad. If you are longing to live in a foreign country and get paid to travel, you take the next best step and learn to teach English. A TEFL certificate is something which you need to make a dream of living in a foreign country a reality.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Find Out What Life is Like in Bangkok with TEFL

Bangkok, also known as the Venice of East, offers a plethora of cultural heritage, gorgeous architecture and some amazing rustic water ways known locally as kalongs which have remained mainly untouched for centuries. From exotic cuisine to exquisite temples, from great deep pockets with state of to the art, from modern conveniences and architectures to tradition – Bangkok is a city is exclusive in its grandeur. It is the most happening and most visited Asian city which has gained immense popularity for its shopping, lip smacking food, and reasonably priced currency. When you visit the place you will find a never ending lounge of Bangkok Street food which can really get you a gastronomic rush.

A TEFL or TESOL course in Bangkok will bestow your life a bunch of unimagined surprises – not only will it be your ticket to a rewarding international teaching job in an captivating multi ethnic city or in an colourful remote corner which has a stable require of ESL teachers but also it will be a boost to your career and adventurous spirits. There are jobs for interpreters and in the huge number of corporate organizations in such hi tech city. It is therefore no need to say that pursuing the TEFL certificate course in Bangkok has a steady stream of benefits. Bangkok is a city with many airs and you can mix yourself in its myriad tincture and aromas. It is a place where you can take a great vacation out of an educational experience of the highest standard. It is also a major tourist spot and a business centre. There are immense job opportunities for ESL teaching in Bangkok. The institutions are in a constant and steady need of ESL teachers. But it is not limited to teaching jobs. Though the majority of the jobs belong to the teaching category like TEFL teaching but there are plenty of other job opportunities for the TEFL trained.

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There is literally too much to cover in a little time. Hence a long in class TEFL course is the perfect excuse to roam around the city. An international TESOL or TEFL Certificate in Bangkok will be to a large extent helpful in securing one of the worthwhile job opportunities. The language and private schools in Bangkok offer high profile jobs and attractive salary.  Bangkok undoubtedly has one of the most peppy night scenes in Asia. There is a bunged of traditional and Asian inspired soup plate all around the city. If you are a party animal you can find the neon lit clubs with most technically advanced audio visual system in the world which incorporates a huge high-definition LED display at your finger tips. Or if you like to shop till you drop there are countless night bazaars and street side shops available along with the posh malls.
You will end up having a wonderful time and will fall in love with the city. A TEFL Course Bangkok is a gift of a short term vacation in an exotic city which will allow you to break free from your customary everyday jobs of life and earn a beneficial TEFL certificate in the fabulous landscape of Bangkok. You in fact need to sit down on the drawing table and make a to-do list for the reason that this city is always prepared to greet you with a new delight.