Monday, 26 September 2016

What TEFL Is All About ?

“You become a TEFL teacher when your life has gone wrong.” – Alain de Botton, Philosopher. TEFL has all the power to put your life into a perfect pace.
The term TEFL is increasingly gaining huge popularity along with its strong presence on search engine. If you now type the term ‘TEFL’ or ‘EFL’ or even ESL he / she will be inundated by news, web links and articles. Also the twitter and other social network hash tags will result into abundant of trends, discussions, forums and links. To choose TEFL as a career should be a well thought out decision and you must consider your own instinct to choose such a career which includes a touch of bohemianism. Nevertheless a TEFL career is full of adventure and it boosts the nomadic streak while putting a highlight to your resume.

If you are stuck in a monotonous job or you want to start off a career where you can pursue your dream journey to the places unknown and at the same time you want to continue climbing up your career ladder. The course seemingly provides a path for people to escape their current troubles and start afresh.  Coupled with a decent standard of living and you have got all the conditions needed for an expat community of drunks and no hopers. You will be grateful to the TEFL industry for the experiences and opportunities. TEFL teaching is also about making a connection between the non native students and the more hard work you put the more you will gain the satisfaction and financial rewards that naturally followed. Your students on the other hand need all the practice that they can possibly get-especially if you are not teaching in an English-speaking country. After you introduce your topic for the day, have students discuss what they know about it for a minute or two instead of you telling them what it is. You need to pursue an internationally recognized course and it is pretty much the qualification that you need in order to secure a decent teaching job in many parts of the world. A TEFL course will help you enter the TEFL classroom, with the primary idea being that by understanding a student’s back story and aspirations, you can better teach to their needs. It is a good option for the new TEFL teachers, who may not have a great deal of teaching experience, can draw from previous work to better perform in the classroom. This will also give you the essentials to get by a new language from the start, and also give you a bit of confidence to practice the language from the very start.

TEF industry is rising day by day and the fresher as well as the experienced TEFL teachers are getting employed in every part of the world. Living and working abroad with TEFL presents you with a great opportunity to learn a new culture, and will really enhance your time away.  As an industry to choose a career in, the TEFL industry does have a demanding sort of a reputation. You will make some amazing friends, many of whom are spread out over the globe. TEFL is like everything in life – the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. TEFL is all about creating memories and after you are back from your TEFL job they will be cemented in your mind.

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