Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Enrol in a Business English Training Program and Become a Corporate Trainer

 “The process of learning is a process of erecting a building” - Anonymous.

Business English teaching is a fast catching subject that is becoming quite popular as well as widespread now-a-days. But what is the difference between Business English and General English? Well, there is not much of a difference between them. It is just that the level of English used here is on the higher level and is a bit formal (careful) and professional.

In order to maintain business relations with the developed countries, whose first language happens to be English, knowing the language has become vital in order to communicate with them. Therefore, due to the ever increasing demand and popularity of English as a means of communication in everyday business dealings which also includes economic growth, knowing how to communicate in both verbal and written English has become imperative in order to sustain in this global world. American writer, Adam Gopnik has rightly said “We breathe in our first language and swim in our second.”

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Hence, if you are already an experienced teacher or are looking to start an exciting new career which involves interacting with different people belonging to the corporate world, and also have adjustment capabilities, then taking up a course in Business English teaching will definitely be the ideal option for you; all that you need to have in order to pursue this course is a bachelor’s degree in college and a fair knowledge in spoken and written English. However, Business English Teaching is not an easy task as it involves managing and teaching the professional adults who have their own insecurities and drawbacks. Since handling and training adults requires a lot more maturity, adeptness, and understanding of the subject, hence, taking up a course on the same is highly recommended for the aspirants who wish to see themselves employed as Business English Trainers.
Business English is more focused on email writing, giving presentations, conveying messages to colleagues and employees, etc. It is generally a 60 hour course available at a cost of around 10,000 INR which can be pursued online where the enrolled candidates have the liberty to take it up at their own pace and time. All that you need is an internet connection and basic computer operating skills. The candidates are given assignments to complete within the given time frame. The online tutors are available and provide maximum guidance to the candidates so that they can successfully complete the course, without much impediment.
Business English teaching course is generally an online course that involves classroom management, adult psychology, nurturing the skills and knowledge and gaining the required expertise to teach and improve the English reading, writing and communication skills to grown-ups, and many more.
There are 5 features of Business English Teaching which are as follows:
1.    Needs analysis of the candidates
2.    Cross cultural awareness among the candidates
3.    Formalizing the language
4.    Practical application of the language
5.    Authenticity/Pronunciation of the language
The learners are generally working people belonging to varied and different departments of an organization viz. sales team, admin, or even the good old managers of an organization, who are looking forward to become better professionals by improving their planning and man management/inter personal skills at work, their communication and leadership skills, their self-confidence, and many more other qualities that are essential in a workplace. 

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Getting this degree from a valid and recognized certification body would definitely enhance your employ ability and make you more desirable in the teaching job market. The successful candidates may find employment in various corporate organizations or may even opt to become a full-fledged corporate trainer after gaining some training experience. The trainers are eligible for a job in their native country or anywhere around the world, especially in countries where English is not spoken as a first language.
Take the plunge, become a certified Business English trainer and travel around the world as we must never forget “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” ‒ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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