Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Enrol in a Phonetic Program and Learn the Nuances of English

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises the the study of the sounds of human speech, the study of the actual sounds that make up the words of a language. It is the scientific study of speech. Every language has their own characteristics which definitely vary from one another. English has only 26 letters of the alphabets; however it has around 44 pronunciations. Therefore, it is quite a difficult task for a newbie, who is new to the language, to know what pronunciation to use for an alphabet as they can be used differently for different words. The spellings in English are not phonetic and are often quite inconsistent. For instance busy, chair, choir, core, phone, fan, kitchen, know, elephant, etc. belong different words yet are quite confusing to pronounce. Conversation English has very little to do with writing English. Hence, in order to be able to pronounce words correctly, proper trainers and teachers are needed.

Phonetics is more about the physical properties of the speech sound, of the ways that we make speech. In English there are over 11 vowels and 3 dipthongs which contribute to the speaking of the language. Phonetics is a way of better English pronunciation and not just English pronunciation and also for better spoken English understanding. Knowing correct English while speaking and writing is of utmost importance in a world where English has become the preferred language of global communication. Each country has their own native language which has led to a lot of complications and problems among the people while communicating with each other. Hence English has become the universal language for global communication. In order to know word-perfect English, having a fair idea of phonetics is quite an important part for anyone aspiring to learn and use proper English words. Hence if you are looking to become a teacher of ESL (English as a Secondary Language) or EFL (English as Foreign Language) or if you are a professional teacher who  want to upgrade their knowledge and teaching skills on phonetics and expand their market value, taking up a professional course on the same will be highly commendable.
However only knowledge of the language is not everything, one has to be able to use it in a correct manner. Phonetics is learnt to know the accurate and fluent use of the language, while communicating in it, that is, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Henry Sweet regarded Phonetics as “the indispensable foundation to all study of language.”
Learners of English dream to have native like pronunciation and to do so a thorough knowledge of the phonetics sound system is a mandate.Modern day phonetic classes involve learning and acquiring the correct pronunciation by imitation of the tutor. It must be noted that in the English language, some letters have more than one sound; sometimes letters are ‘silent’ and not pronounced at all; and same sound may be denoted by altered letters. Learners should know the main reason behind a pronunciation of a specific word in a ‘foreign language’ like English. Nevertheless, being able to correctly pronounce the word needs regular practice and ear training exercise.
By enrolling in the class the candidate will be able to get a good grasp of the letters to stress in a word, which letters to avoid pronouncing, how to use the tongue and the palette, and many more. The course is generally a 40 hour online course, which has the advantage of pursuing it from any corner of the world. It is a comprehensive course which is designed for primary education teachers who deal with small children on a daily basis and has the responsibility of teaching phonetically correct words to them so that they are able to use the language just like the native speakers of English.

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