Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Enrol in a Combined Course in Teaching and Training and Steer your Own Career

If you dream to become a TEFL educator, a Business English trainer or a Young Learner’s English teacher, as well as would also like to foray into education management, then there are numerous courses that you will come across during your search for the best courses available in the market. However, an amalgamation of all these courses in one program is best suited for you if you are looking to receive training of all the above mentioned courses and broaden your horizon in terms of employment opportunities.

The course known as International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers has been specially designed for them who are looking to have an international career in teaching and training. Aspirants who enroll themselves in this particular program acquire detailed knowledge and skills in subjects varying from TEFL to Business English to Young Learners English education to Education and Administration Management. Each course is different from one another, yet they are related.
TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a foreign Language, is similar to TESOL that stands for Teaching English to speakers of other language. A certificate course in TEFL/TESOL that is for duration of 120 hours familiarizes the candidates with the modern teaching approaches and methodologies, as opposed to the traditional teaching techniques, that are in tune with the requirements of the age.
The TEFL course emphasizes on the learners more than on the teacher/educator which shifts the focus on them. This enables the learners who generally comprises of varied age groups, culture, beliefs, and ethnicity, the scope of interaction among themselves which in turn gives them the opportunity to improve and polish their English communication skills so that they are able to effectively pass this on to their learners. Hence a TEFL course from a well reputed institution will aid in the successful beginning of an international teaching career.
Similarly, a course in Business English Teaching that spans for duration of 60 hours focuses on teaching Business English to the working professionals. Business English is different from general English; it is supposed to be formal, concise, crisp and to the point. Mastering this kind of English, especially for the non-English speakers is not an easy task. Hence they enroll themselves in the professional course that would help them to learn fluently the communication skills needed to function and be successful in the corporate world.
Young Learner’s teacher’s training course is also for duration of 60 hours. The course focuses on the nuances of teaching English to children up to the age of 15 years. The course trains and acquaints the aspirants with the ESL teaching methodologies used to teach English Young learners and improve their English writing, speaking, listening skills. It also makes the aspirants aware of the classroom management and disciplinary techniques so that the teacher can make use of his time in the classroom to the fullest.
Classroom Management course is the final course that is included in International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers program. It is a course that can be availed by aspirants who wish to play an important role in the management of an educational institution. Budding entrepreneurs looking to open up their own educational institution, but do not have the required experience to do so, can also pursue this course to gain the skills and expertise necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. The course equips the candidates with the competence and capability of managing human resources, money mattersand other topics related to administration in an efficient way so that the best can be generated out of them.

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