Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Enrol for a TEFL Diploma Program and Set a new Direction to Your Life

The words TEFL and TESOL might be new for so many people out there; however for all the lovely aspiring teachers who are also looking to travel to the different places around the world as well as be employed as an English teacher or trainer at the same time, a TEFL certificate is a must for them.
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language while TESOL stands for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages. Both are similar to each other and a certificate in either has become a mandate to land up with a decent and comfortable teaching job in a well located area of the world.
Since English is the flavour of the time and its importance is increasing day-by-day all across the world, the need to know the communication skills in the language has become essential to survive. Thus, the need for trained EFL/ESL teachers will be increasing in the coming days.

Pursuing a TEFL program will be an apt decision if you as an individual like the profession of teaching and is/is interested in being associated with it. For seasoned professionals, whether you are a teacher or some other working professional, and are finding your life and career become tedious and monotonous, then a change in lifestyle will surely benefit you and make you a happy and satisfied man in the long run. This can ultimately be possible with a change in career and if the traveling bug has bitten you and alongside you like meeting new people and gathering new experiences then becoming an ESL teachers your calling.
However, after successfully completing the course, the degree of success of your TEFL career depends highly on your adjusting capability whereby you need to be flexible regarding your traveling, accommodation and eating options and even to a certain extent while dealing with people including the students of your class. Since you will be traveling to new, foreign lands, therefore the foremost thing that you will experience is ‘culture shock’ and if you can get past it in your initial days out there, then your later experiences are bound to be pleasant and exciting. Traveling to a new place always calls for many new experiences whereby you get to meet the native people, experience their culture and food, learn the language of the place, travel to new places of the country and most of all be employed in the noblest profession and earn your living.
An online diploma 220 hour course in TEFL is the most appropriate course for both aspiring and experienced teachers alike.The course acquaints the candidates with language acquisition skills, and also the modern and innovative teaching skills and techniques prevalent in the global teaching scenario. In this world of technology, traditional teaching methodologies have taken a back seat; modern teaching techniques focuses more on the learners than on the teachers where the learners are given enough scope for discussion and interaction with their peers and also with the teacher. Besides this, the course focuses on the art of lesson planning, correct pronunciation and many more.
The diploma course generally comes with a specialization in Young Learner’s Teaching course which emphasizes on the teaching skills and expertise required to teach English and handle Young learners.
On completion of the course, you will become eligible to apply in all educational institutes in the countries of your choice. Non-native English speaking trained TEFL teachers are mostly preferred in South East Asian, Middle East and Latin American countries; hence placement opportunities in these countries are immense.Teachers are handsomely paid, starting around $700 and hence there is ample scope for saving which provides you with the opportunity to spend and splurge later or else save up for your future prospects.

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