Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Go Overseas and Prosper with PG Diploma TEFL course

To have a career as a TEFL educator requires a proper training. TEFL is the internationally acclaimed teacher training course for teaching EFL/ESL (English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language). In order to teach English or other subjects in English in well-known international as well as local educational institutions in a foreign land, a certificate in TEFL is a mandate. Schools and colleges, be it in government or private ones, are asking for a TEFL certificate more than ever before. Hence enrolling yourself in a TEFL course will be the wisest decision if you aspire to become a global teacher and become part of the international teaching market.

A career in TEFL promises a life that is exciting and at the same time is always full of surprises. If travelling and everything related to it excites you, then having a career that involves the thing that you enjoy, will be a great thing for you!
There are different program types for TEFL available in the market, PG Diploma TEFL course being a highly advanced course that is regarded as the highest training qualification that a TEFL educator can opt for. If you have completed your graduation degree and are looking to have a distinctive career in teaching, that includes all the aspects of modern teaching, yet does not come with the monotonous-ness of a teaching career, then a PG Diploma course in TEFL is certainly your calling.
However, enrolling for the course in the online mode is viable and a more practical decision in today’s world rather than attending classes. Online classes come with a host of advantages – it provides the candidates with the liberty to pursue the course from anywhere around the world, at their own convenient time and pace at a much lesser cost than the in-class mode of training. The PG Diploma course is for duration of 280 hours that can be completed at a maximum time period of 11 months, however in the fast track mode it can be completed within 5 months. Therefore, without attending classes you are able to acquaint yourself with all the skills and knowledge available with the course.
In the online course, the candidates have easy access to the theoretical part of the syllabus which includes relevant video materials that give a practical classroom feeling to the candidates and aid in their learning process. The course aims to make the candidates proficient enough in the field of TEFL teaching where they are able to get the jobs and positions of their choice in an accomplished institution.
Modern ESL teaching methodology is completely different from the traditional teaching techniques as it puts the limelight totally on the learners rather than on the teacher. In this way, the learners learn the correct ways and language to communicate, which is the prime reason of ESL/EFL classes.
The course curriculum includes language acquisition and lesson planning techniques, modern ESL teaching methodologies, nuances of grammar and phonetics, communication abilities, classroom management skills, need analysis, and the ways of approaching both young learners and adult professional learners. The course also includes research materials wherein the candidates will have to do some self-study and research work in order to complete the assignments given. This in a way fosters accomplishment of some added knowledge on your part, as a candidate.
When you complete this course, you have an array of alternatives to choose as your career, you can be a teacher in any of the private and public schools and colleges; can be a trainer in a good TEFL training institute and language centers, work in publishing houses – all these and many more in anywhere around the globe.
“The worst days of those who enjoy what they do, are better than the best days of those who don’t.”—E. James Rohn

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