Thursday, 13 April 2017

Satiate your Wanderlust with Bachelor’s Degree in TEFL

Are you looking for a career that provides you both with the pleasure of travelling as well as with the opportunity to earn? Travelling and at the same time getting to earn and funding one’s travelling expense is quite a lucrative combination for the travel enthusiasts. And if teaching as a profession interests you then enrolling yourself for a TEFL program will be a smart move. Teachers all around the world are revered for their contribution and influence upon children who are the future citizens of nations. They are the future-makers of the generation; and with ESL teachers, they are provided with the chance to help the students all around the globe and teach them the ways of communicating in English in a world where English has become the ‘lingua franca’ and is the preferred language of communication among the non-English speaking nations.
And as English gradually gains in importance, there has also been a gradual increasing demand for teachers to acquaint the non-English speaking natives with the English language in the various ways of communication, viz., speaking, listening, reading and writing skills so that they do not remain ignorant, unable to be part of the global economy.
TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language and is quite popular in the international field of teaching and learning. Teaching a new and foreign language to learners or teaching other subjects in a foreign language, that too in those nations is quite a difficult task. A certified training will ensure that you are able to do your job with much ease and comfort. Pursuing a course in TEFL and completing it successfully will give you the opportunity to be employed as a teacher in any place around the world. A TEFL certificate thus, along with providing the opportunity to travel all around, does not fail to provide job satisfaction among these enthusiasts.
A bachelor’s degree in TEFL will provide the aspirants with the requisite knowledge and skills that are required to become a successful TEFL educator. TEFL involves teaching to the learners in the most innovative ways whereby the focus is on them rather than on the teachers, as was the norm in traditional teaching methodologies. Here, in ESL classes, the learners are motivated to interact and discuss with the educators and among themselves more frequently, where they are the active participants in the activities of the class and the teacher acts as a facilitator/mediator.
Along with this, in the ESL training classes the participants also get to acquaint themselves with varied different topics relevant in teaching learners belonging to different nationality, background and ethnicity that include different language teaching techniques, classroom management skills, education management skills, and many more along with the research modules. The candidates are also given the option of choosing to specialize in either Young Learner’s Teacher’s Training or Business Learner’s Teacher’s Training. The Bachelor’s program is a two year course that is provided in the online mode of education by most training institutes and hence provides the candidates with the liberty of pursuing it from the comfort of their home, at their own pace and time.
At the end of the six semesters the candidates need to submit assignments on the topics on which they have been provided information with. These assignments are evaluated by the online tutors who are assigned to the candidates by the institutes throughout the course to provide them with support and assistance whenever they need them. 
Life as a TEFL educator is certainly different than traditional teaching profession;you get to meet different people and, experience and soak in the culture of the place and also receive a handsome pay package and lead a comfortable life, once you have gathered some amount of experience in this field.

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