Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TEFL Career Prospective for Aspirants

Are you a fresher fresh out of college and looking to make a career that is both rewarding as well as enriching? Or Are you a working professional, looking for a career change from your monotonous job? Whatever be the case, if you have good communication skills in spoken and written English, have a clear diction, is patient around people, is adaptable in any situation, enjoy interacting with people, have confidence in yourself to conquer the unknown, and want to teach internationally, then a career in ESL/EFL teaching may be your answer and perhaps the best available solution.
ESL/EFL teaching is fast catching up in this age where English is the go-to language for all. As more and more people of various nations are speaking English and are using English as the preferable language of communication, English has easily obtained the status of being the lingua franca, and is hence the preferred mode of communication among all sectors namely trade and business, politics and even for maintaining good interpersonal relationships between countries.Furthermore, due to cordial relations being maintained across borders, domestic companies are increasing their trade boundaries too. In order to ensure that their professional growth and prospective is on the right track, and to carry on business without much hassle, knowing English has become a subject of prime importance because translating languages has an added cost on the companies and nation as a whole whose first language is not English.
Hence ESL/EFL teaching profession has turned out to be lucrative career for many, with the advantage of teaching abroad and the opportunity to travel around various places. However, most countries now only hire trained ESL/EFL teachers because of which a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training certificate has becoming a mandate to search for TEFL opportunities in places of your choice.Nonetheless, those organizations hiring ESL/EFL teacher and have not made a TEFL certification necessary will anyway prefer TEFL certificate holders over their non-TEFL counterparts; if nothing at all, the TEFL holders will at least have better positions with better pay packages in those organizations.
A TEFL graduate is eligible to teach English as a language and also other subjects in English to learners all over the world. The 4 week training course trains and acquaints the candidates the modern and innovative teaching methodologies that will be effective on learners of the 21st Century. They become proficient in teaching learners belonging to different ages, backgrounds, culture, language and ethnicities. The course curriculum included in TEFL generally involves topics on the strategies of planning and preparing lessons, the techniques of effectively delivering it to the learners in the classroom, helping the learners improve their English communication skills with others, classroom management strategies which also includes time management and disaster management and the various use of teaching aids and equipment to make the lessons interesting to the learners, the different approaches to deal with Young Learners and Adult Learners, and many more.
Since most of the training institutes provide these professional TEFL courses in the online mode of learning, hence it will be highly advisable that you opt for a Teaching practice in local schools in your area so that you may be able to practice and implement the newly obtained knowledge and skills.
TEFL graduates are hired in private and international schools, language learning centres and grooming centers, or in voluntary organizations where learners of various age come to learn the language and gain fluency in it.
Earn and at the same time travel to the new and exotic places in the world; gain new experiences in your lifetime and experience the difference!

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