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TEFL Online Certification Programs

TEFL which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a teacher training program that is applicable for all those teaching aspirants who are interested in a teaching career in foreign countries. TEFL is similar to TESOL which stands for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages. If you are looking forward to having a well-established teaching/training career abroad, then pursuing a TEFL training program will be most suitable for you, as most countries prefer hiring a TEFL trained educator for their educational institutes and language training classes.
TEFL training programs are available in two training modes- online (which spans for a minimum of 3 months for certificate course and increases its duration as one opts for more advanced courses) and in-class (which usually spans for 3-4 weeks of duration). If you are a working professional, whether employed in the Education Sector or in any other profession, and are per-occupied with your work that you do not have the requisite amount of time to dedicate to in-class programs then pursuing an online program will be the apt decision on your part. All the online courses come with constant tutor support throughout.

There are various TEFL online programs that are offered by various teacher training institutes. They are as follows:

Online TEFL Certificate Course this course is the basic level program which is of 120 hours duration and covers acquaintance on topics like modern teaching methodologies, language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classrooms management techniques, etc. this course is primarily for you if you are looking for a short term career in ESL/EFL teaching and are not sure about your career decision right at the moment.
Online TEFL Diploma Course this course spans for 8 months duration period and can be pursued by both new and experienced TEFL educators where they are acquainted with in-depth knowledge on relevant topics to be implemented in the classrooms. The topics include modern teaching approaches, language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classroom management techniques, phonology, grammar, differences between teaching Young Learners and Adult Learners, research topics, etc.
Online TEFL PG Diploma Course this TEFL program is an advanced one and is for duration of 280 hours. This intensive training course provides a thorough knowledge and understanding on latest and modern ESL/EFL teaching approaches and techniques,  language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classroom management techniques, phonology, grammar, need based lesson planning, an in-depth awareness of Young Learners and Adult Learners (Specializations on any one topic), how to handle them and bring out their best in the classrooms, research materials and many more important topics which will enable the candidates get a comprehensive idea of TEFL.
Online International Diploma Course this is a specialized TEFL program for a total duration of 360 hours and covers a wide range of topics like TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management. TEFL, as already discussed above, comprises of modern ESL/EFL teaching methodologies useful for teachers aspiring to teach learners in other countries, especially in non-English speaking nations where English is not used as the first language of communication; Train the Trainer involves training sessions for aspiring or new trainers as well as experienced ones who are looking to know the latest tools and techniques used in training professional adults, understand and analyze the needs of the participating professionals and deliver trainings based on those so that they are able to gain the expert skills for which they generally enroll in the training sessions; Education Management comprises of the management of both the human and non-human resources to be used to the utmost so that they yield optimum favorable results.
The above courses are a testimony that there are many choices that a TEFL aspirant is offered with. It is up to you which course will opt for that will suit you and your preference.

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