Wednesday, 26 July 2017

7 Sought-after TEFL Job Markets

If international exploration full of adventure is what your plan is all about, then here comes the best opportunity of earning and exploring – TEFL/TESOL. With 1.7 billion people using and learning English around the globe and the numbers ever increasing, the international job market was never this strong. New opportunities are opening up every single day in countries like China, Turkey, Vietnam, Costa Rica and so on.
Vietnam: A treasure trove of culture, fantasy and natural offerings, Vietnam boasts of Sapa highlands, street markets of Ho Chi Minh City, sprawling delta of the Mekong River and many more. One of the highest recruiters of TEFL teachers, Ho Chi Minh City itself hires new English teachers almost on a regular basis. Good salaries clubbed with low cost of living ensures that teachers can save as much as 500USD with ease, if not more!
Nicaragua: Nicaragua too does have one of the fastest growing job markets though it remains virtually undiscovered. In addition, this is worthy of mention that Nicaragua is regarded as the safest country in 2014 Gallup Survey. A small yet beautiful country in the heart of Latin America, it has lovely beaches, lush greenery and mind-blowing topography.
Colombia: Nearly 30 years ago Colombia was infamous for drug violence and political turmoil, however with steady economic reform and political stabilization, Colombia has become a popular TEFL destination of Latin America. The cities of Bogota and Medilin are commercially enriched centres renowned for colourful markets and fast paced nightlife with which come the magnificent beaches, lush rain forests, and rich historical and cultural treasures. One can find jobs in private schools, language institutions and government and non-government organizations of Colombia.
Czech Republic: Czech Republic is a unique kind of place to teach English owing to the vintage setup of mediaeval castles, cobblestone streets, and picturesque villages amalgamated with the modern setup of great bars and cafes. An up-coming economy in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic offers one of the top most job markets for teaching English abroad. One can get work permit easily there and the cost of living is also comparatively lower.
Taiwan: Taiwan is a great combination of high tech economy and tropical island topography along with grand museums, soaring skyscrapers, colorful night markets and delicious food stalls. Adjacent to Taiwan is located a small island nation, Bahamas, which has beautiful beaches with exciting activities like surfing and wind surfing. The mountainous interiors enable one to enjoy hiking, gliding and cycling. If not as lucrative as South Korea, Taiwan still offers great pay and endless benefits to its TEFL teachers.

Turkey:The crossroad of history and culture, Turkey has it all from Biblical prophets to Homeric heroes to Crusader knights and Ottoman sultans. Of late, Turkey poses itself as one of the fastest recruiting TEFL countries in East Asia with Istanbul leading the list. The primary advantage of teaching English in Turkey is, one gets job in advance and work permit is achieved without much difficulties.
South Korea: The journey of South Korea from a third world nation to an economic powerhouse across three generations is a glorifying tale.  The reason of its becoming the most prosperous and technologically advanced country is primary due to its strong commitment towards education and recognition of consistent success in the international market, which is apparently dominated by English. Every year, the number of foreign teachers flocking in South Korea is approximately 20,000. A teacher in South Korea receives 2 to 4 weeks of paid vacation, health insurance and the opportunity to live in some of the most dynamic cities like Seoul and Busan.

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