Thursday, 20 July 2017

Teaching Abroad Can Further Your Career

Who doesn’t want to go abroad and work there along with getting good remuneration for it! Yes! Sounds exciting already? This is already happening around the world with people who are enthusiastic about it and getting themselves qualified in EFL/ESL teaching. You can get TEFL certified and then teach in your dream destination.
Teaching English abroad gives real international work experience that is highly sought after by business honchos in the globalized era of the 21st century. More than ever, success or even survival in business depends on moving and selling goods and information across borders and around the globe. Ranging from financial securities and information technology to food products and petroleum, to be a ‘global leader’ in anything, businesses need to compete and flourish in international locations such as China, Europe, Brazil etc. This means that major companies in all fields seek those with real life experience, a challenged level and a proven capability to work internationally with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This level of experience and expertise is achieved by teaching English abroad while living and working as a member of the native society in a foreign locale.

Teaching English abroad proves your capability to get used to to a new location and to live and work with people belonging to a varied background. In a diverse society of the 21st century, proven abilities to take on newer challenges and adapting to new environment is considered precious. Similar thing is presumed from one’s ability to live and work abroad in sync with the people from varied cultures, backgrounds and languages.
It will require you to widen your organizational and communicative skills, along with the ability to manage group situations. No matter what arena of work or study you will enter in the future, but by developing these skills that includes the ability to grip your command in a given space, will surely benefit you and make you more sought-after as an employee or a student. Many people tremble just at the thought of speaking in front of a large group or trying to communicate with someone speaking a different language. In such a regard, your capability to command or engage a room is highly advantageous as an English teacher you will be engaging students in a classroom for five-six days of class times.
You Get Paid to Live, Travel and Work in a foreign locale unlike just studying abroad which would probably cost you or your parents a great deal of money but when you are into teaching English abroad, you actually get paid to live in a foreign country (may be your dream destination) like Italy, France, or Spain.  Doesn’t it sound cool? In most parts of Europe and Latin America, first-time English teachers earn a wage that enables them to live in a comfortable way that cover all their expenses and allows enjoying travel or other recreational hobbies.  In such regions, most first-time English teachers are self-reliant but isn’t able to save much after expenses at the end of each month.
You will eventually become a member of the local community in a foreign country and get an opportunity to explore them as well. As an English teacher abroad, you may tend to indulge yourself in the everyday life and culture of a foreign locality even more deeply than while teaching abroad. You can opt to live in a typical middle class locality, even chose to shop and commute by local means and hang out at the corner café, bars within your neighborhood. With such welcoming attitude, your neighbors and colleagues will invite you to join them at family celebrations like weddings, providing you with a chance to experience a foreign culture to a level your peeps back home could only think of.
If that’s not all, you get the chance to learn a foreign language along with your wonderful experience of teaching abroad. Be its Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic, the best way to learn to a foreign language is to indulge yourself in an environment where you will be exposed to it and enjoy opportunities to use it constantly. Teaching English abroad is a very practical way to support yourself while living and travelling abroad and learning a foreign language. Moreover, your experience while teaching English abroad will set you apart from other applicants for jobs that you will apply for in the days to come. This actually works in your favour and benefits in enhancing your career prospects like never before.

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