Monday, 21 August 2017

EFL Teaching in Asia

Asia is the largest continent among others in terms of area and population, also one of the most sought after places in terms of tourism and employment. EFL/ESL teachers with a TEFL certification are in high demand here. TEFL/TESOL is gradually gaining importance across the world as English is slowly becoming the new international language. Thanks to its massive population, Asia is one of the leading TEFL job producers in the world. Asia is home to many of the largest & most lucrative job markets for teaching English in the World.
The field of TEFL is increasing at a rapid rate and is slowly garnering demand for TEFL/TESOL certified teachers. There is high demand for teachers around the world, especially in the Asian subcontinent followed by the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. There is considerable demand for TEFL/TESOL certified teachers in the Asian nations that are combined of a vast amount of population. Its dedication towards education is quite deeply rooted and the opulent widespread economic condition makes Asia, by far, the top choice in the world for EFL/ESL teaching. Asia is showing a potential growth in recruiting EFL/ESL teaching as a majority of all the job prospects are located here. Significant numbers of qualified teachers are employed each year in Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Besides, newly rising and booming South East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia represent some of the fastest-growing job markets on the planet.

Rich in history, deep-rooted cultures, and superb natural beauty, Asia also offers some of the most highly profitable job prospects in the world as a typical native-speaking English teacher with a TEFL/TESOL Certification can expect to save 30% - 50% from their pay cheque after all the expenses.
So why would anyone want to teach in Asia?
In Asia, a teacher earning a handsome amount can think of a comfortable life along with clearing off debts or sending money back home in their native places. On an average, a teacher is able to save a majority from their per month salary while teaching abroad. Rents are also quite low and comparatively they get good salary. A beginner or a new teacher may get as much as 2,200 USD/month. So the numbers really speak for themselves in this part of the world. Apart from that, Asian culture teaches students to be polite in the classroom and to be respectful towards their teachers. This is a big plus point for teachers as they would have to focus less on classroom management and more on the teaching aspect. The students are very respectful, courteous, and at times, even silent in the classroom! What more can a teacher ask for!
EFL teaching in Asia has its own highlights. Let us go through some of the major highlights.
•    In South Korea, English teachers can easily save between 10,000 to 15,000 USD per year after their expenses. While in Japan, Taiwan, China & Vietnam, savings often range between 5,000 - 8,000 USD annually. There are good prospects to work, earn and save money in Thailand as well. In fact Thailand is the most sought after place in Asia.
•    A TEFL/TESOL degree of four-year is often a mandatory criterion to teach English in most Asian countries. But if you’re without a four-year degree, chances are that you may find scope in some fantastic countries like China & Cambodia.
•    Maximum teaching positions in urbanized Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China, are acquired by interviewing in advance from your home country. So most teachers are already with a job even before leaving for the destined region.
•    If you are the one who’s looking for a thrilling international experience and scopes for making and saving good amount of money while teaching English abroad, Asia is a region that you seriously need to consider.
With a massive amount of population compared to all of the other continents combined, Asia continues to reign supreme in terms of demand for English teachers around the globe and shows a promising prospect. The top five countries in Asia that provides a culturally rich and unique lifestyle along with an abundance of English teaching opportunities: Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey and China. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a TEFL degree; pack your bags and off you go! Asia beckons!

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