Monday, 4 September 2017

The Value and Importance of an Online Course

In a constantly changing and fiercely competitive world, the need and pressure to do more is tremendous. There is a continuous requirement to learn new skills, gain qualifications and at the same time acquire knowledge that is significant and relevant in today's technologically driven marketplace. During a time of booming digital economy, the demand for technically and analytically skilled and expert professionals is high. Such criteria are inspiring job prospects and stirring up competition among individuals willing to secure valuable talent.  With such a demand for learning and to remain ahead in the competition, service providers like training organizations, colleges and even universities have started providing courses that are not only flexible, but are accessible anytime, from any place.

The online courses came as a boon for many amidst a competitive and time-starved world. An online course sharpens the already existing skills in a person and broaden their horizons leaving their limitation of time and place far behind. Employers are slowly shifting their focus from ‘degree based’ hiring to a more ‘skill based’ hiring with many even agreeing to the fact that degrees are not even a priority for certain jobs. In the course of time, degrees will seize to exist in CVs and will lead to the demand of educational courses or skills that are shorter, cost saving and which are more relevant towards a particular type of career prospect. As for example, online TEFL courses prove beneficial to many as more and more people can learn the effective skills and approaches towards EFL/ESL teaching. Classroom learning is still considered valuable in today's modern world but an increasing amount of people does not feel the necessity to be tied to a confined place or time to acquire new skills. In fact, according to a recent study, a fair percent of all college and university students are now enrolled with their online education courses.
Apart from the above mentioned importance of an online course, let us peek into the other benefits of it:
•    Online programs offer an array of courses which may not be possible for an in class mode. Be it university courses, completely online colleges or special courses to hone the skills for better job prospects.
•    One of the important factors is that it brings down the total cost of the course and makes it more affordable. It’s not always the course cost, it can also be associated costs too. Like commutation cost, material cost etc.
•    Students can log onto the course material according to their convenience, making it possible for them to keep up with other responsibilities. Online courses offer excellent options for working people because it allows them to work and study at unusual times, which they are used to in their line of work.
•    More and more service providers, universities are offering online programs, increasing the available options and allowing students to search until they find one that meets their needs.
•    Online courses are available round-the-clock to any student with a computer and Internet access, unlike on-campus courses.
•    Online students can study right from their homes; saving time and fuel, and sparing the journey. It also eliminates having to commute in rough weather.
•    Online students learn through a variety of ways, including Web cams, CD/DVDs, animation and virtual classrooms.
There are advantages and disadvantages to every type and mode of learning environment. Students/professionals need to examine and study both the pros and cons which will contribute greatly in making a decision about his/her career path. So point of concern is that, the efforts that any student puts into their learning, will eventually determine how much he/she will retain and how beneficial the overall experience will become to his/her future career or job prospects.