Wednesday, 4 October 2017

5 Countries to Look Out for While Teaching in Europe

Deciding to choose a career that allows you to travel the world while teaching to earn an attractive salary at the same time? Teaching English overseas and that too in Europe is what you need to give the right start to your career. To begin the next stage of your planning is to decide where in Europe you want to teach. Yes you heard that right! Europe is home to a number of beautiful and attractive countries and their differences vary hugely. So, it is vital to know which country is right for you before making a move. After all, the country is about to become your home. Deciding on which of these popular countries for teaching in Europe is right for you, can be a daunting task.
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Getting a TEFL certification in India, is one of the mandatory factors preferred by schools before appointing them as EFL/ESL teachers. While this isn't a necessity in some European destinations, most countries prefer teachers who have a certification. Either way, it'll always make you better qualified and prepared for the job. Let’s have a look at the countries in Europe:
Poland is a gorgeous country and everyone should be here once. Some of the most popular places are Warsaw, and also Krakow, Gdansk, and Katowice. Callan teaching method is quite popular here and this needs to be kept in mind. The teaching method is used to encourage students to speak without translating the language first by running lessons at a slightly faster pace.
The capital city, Budapest, is an amazing place to be around due to its Gothic architecture and an old world charm. After a long and tiring day in the classroom, relaxing in a thermal bath or exploring the city with friends provides a big relief.
The French love their mother tongue. It's estimated that approx 39% of the population speak English. It means that the demand for English teacher for language lessons is pretty high throughout the country. On the other hand, France also has a rising demand for Business English teachers. Though they prefer considering people who knows business, over people who know teaching.
People of Denmark are able to speak English really well, as they start to learn it from a very early age. Students of Denmark students are eager learners and though there is plenty of work for English teachers in these countries, it is getting harder and harder to come by. There remains a lot of opportunity for independently organized tutoring jobs in Denmark. For first timers who are English teachers abroad, this could provide memories to last a lifetime.
Spain, like France, stands out for its government sponsored teaching program.  The biggest hurdle to clear while aiming to teach in Europe is to get a visa; these programs eliminate that problem entirely. In addition, the cost of living is quite affordable, making the initially low seeming English teaching salary in Spain not so bad.
Being an EFL/ESL teacher is an adventure in itself provided that you have a passion to teach and travel to various destinations around the world. The cultural differences that range from place to place will surely surprise you and broaden your horizons.